Greetings mortals. I am Lady Luna, vocalist and keyboardist for LLATD. I signed His Blessed Book in exchange for the ability to sing his praises. In my spare time I like getting into mischief with my familiar, Starla, watching horror films, and reading tarot cards.
I go by many different names, but you may call me The Devil... When I'm not torturing souls in Hell, I like to visit Earth to play guitar and bass for LLATD. I greatly enjoy listening to old-school heavy metal and waging war against my former master. My ultimate goal is to bring doom to the world of men. I think together, we might just achieve my goal...
Yoooo, I'm DJ Bones, drummer for LLATD. I normally DJ Halloween parties, but LLATD hired me full-time for 'His Blessed Book' since Halloween parties weren't a thing in 2020. Great news — I have decided to stay on full-time with LLATD! In my spare time I like partying hard, doing shots, and collecting vinyl.
Meet LLATD's mascot, Sister Starla. As Lady Luna's familiar, she has many responsibilites. She may look cute but —as intended — she can be a real hellion! 

25% of all proceeds from 'His Blessed Book' will be donated to the ASPCA in her name.
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