† Doom to the World (of Men) †

"When I arrived from Hell, there weren’t
enough women in metal — and even fewer
metal songs about powerful females. Consider
this my first attempt to elevate all witches
through sound."
— The Devil

Grab your pitchforks
And light up your torches
Try to hide your young
But it will do you no good

You’ve burned my sisters
And ruined my coven
You pointed your fingers
And then you lit the pyre

If it’s fire you love
Then it’s the flames you’ll get
For all of eternity
Down beneath my feet

There’s nowhere you can hide
That I will not find
There’s nowhere you can run
My wrath is all-consuming

Doom to the world of men
(None shall survive)
Woman shall rule the earth
(With Satan by her side)
Doom to the world of men
(Burn them alive)
Woman shall rule the earth
(The age of witch is nigh)

I’ll invoke my spells
With a snap of my fingers
You’ll on your knees
Begging me for death

No one can keep you safe
Your god is dead
All that’s left is lies
But I will show you the truth

That truth you seek is death
And it will follow
In my wake until
It’s finally at your door
The age of man is done
Now it’s my turn
You can live as slaves
Or die like dogs
† 3:07 AM †

We have always enjoyed watching Bathsheba
Sherman and all the horror that has spawned
in her wake.

Infestation †
All ye are fools to come here
This is my land and you shall pay
You and your kin shall feel my wrath
Slowly at first, I haunt you

Oppression †
All ye who trespass shall die here
Make you suffer and wear you down
Erode your will and make you scream
Then rob you of your sanity

Possession †
I will possess her — break her will
Twist the mother to kill her child
Then die she must — just as I
Swing from the tree for eternity

1863 †
Sacrifice my only child
My dear Satan
Please elevate me
I’m in love with you Satan
I’ll take this noose
And swing from the tree
Curse all ye who try to take my land
I’ll rise up from Hell and take your souls
† Ancient Witch †

To Winifred, Sarah, and Mary: we long for
your black flame candle to burn once more…

Deep in the woods
Beneath the moonlight
There is a house
Where witches dwell

Ancient and old
As they have always been
Waiting and watching
The children of town

“Come forth ye children, fall under our spell
We will drink your souls and send you to Hell
Make me young and beautiful once more
Bow down before me, the ancient witch of lore”

Virgin’s blood
Purified and clean
Dripping with life
For the witches to drink

On All Hallow’s Eve
During trick ’r treat
They’ll sing them a song
And summon them forth
† Sister Starla †

"This song is devoted to my beautiful familiar,
Starla. She may appear innocent, but the
havoc I wreak is nothing in comparison to the
chaos she conjures. Our journeys through the
woods together have provided much inspiration
for this album."
— Lady Luna

Sister Starla
My familiar
Sent from below
You shall serve me!

Wretched humans…
And their meddling!
This is our woods,
We shall crush them!

Wicked sisters of the wood
Laughing as we make
our witches’ brew
Hidden under cloak and hood
We’ll destroy your farm,
your crops and you!

Sister Starla
Loyal canine
Faithful servant
Sit by my side!

Wretched humans…
They’re all insects!
Crawling around
Waiting for death!
† Circle of Cherubs †

We believe horror stories that include children
are almost always scarier than those that
don't. Imagine being surrounded by a circle of
floating ghostly babes… we would rather not.
† Dripping with Red †

We would like to dedicate this song to the late
Susan Norton and her master, Kurt Barlow.
We wish we could have spent more time with
you in your lovely town.

Awoke in the night
To hear them tapping
On your window
Floating in mid-air

Someone you thought dead
How sweet it is
To hear their voice again
Saying, “Let me in!”

You cannot resist
Doing what they ask of you
Even though
You see their fangs

It’s too late for you
You’ve let them in
The only thing to do
Is offer them your neck

They’re out there in the night
Hungry and dead
Fangs that long to bite
Dripping with red

The sun starts to burn
Food doesn’t taste the same
It’s making you sick
You’ll soon breathe your last

You’ll awake once more
This time in a coffin
Beneath the stars
Hungry beyond words

You’re out there in the night
Hungry and dead
Fangs that long to bite
Dripping with red
† Blackcoat’s Ballad †

"I'm so sorry they wouldn't let me stay,
dearest Kat… but do not worry — we shall be
reunited again, in time."
— The Devil

I had been so alone in life
Until you claimed my soul
The loneliness cut like a knife
But then you made me whole

You made me feel alive with fire
And heat that burned inside
You set aflame all my desires
And when you left I cried

Fell in love with your possession
Now you’ve gone away
You were my one true obsession
So strong I can’t convey
Fell in love with your possession
Now you’ve gone away
My heart is freezing with depression
For your return I pray

They wouldn’t let us be together
The Father cast you out
Now I’m lost in this cold weather
Alone but still devout

I’ll drench my hands in blood and gore
Until I summon you
I’ll make my way back to your door
And feel your warmth anew

(And I’ve prayed for you)

I made my way back to your door
And you were not to be found
I drenched my hands in blood and gore
Only to be let down

Returned to find your empty throne
And fell down to my knees
Your absence leaves me all alone
I’m so afraid I’ll freeze
† His Blessed Book †

Praise be unto Thomasin and all who have
followed in her footsteps on the path to
independence and freedom from shame!

Your father is mad with pride
Your mother has lost her mind
All they want is to shame you
And rid you of “sin”

Call his name
and let him in your door!
Take his hand
and follow him below!

Your sister says it’s your fault
Your brothers they betrayed you
All they want is to blame you
For all that’s gone wrong

He is Black Phillip!
Praise be unto him!
Give to him your soul!
Sign his blessed book!

The Devil understands you
And he will not deny you
All he wants is what you want…
To live deliciously

Embrace your freedom —
Leave them all behind!
Lift up and ascend —
Into the night sky!

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